samedi 29 mars 2014

the beginning

Hi ,

this is the begining of my blog.

I love to go on the web and see blogs that I like. This is inspiring and you can find so much ideas!!
So one day I was thinking why not me!!
I create some products, and I want to share with people what I can do...
But I like to have comment on my work!!
Work is a big word as I knit or  crochet for my pleasure!
Work is a big word as I bake for the pleasure of my family and friends!
Work is a big word as I make a garden for the pleasure of the eyes and I am not a professional!!

Some friend told me that my knits were great and they pushed me to sell my products.
I was so shy!! BUT why not!!
If my things are great for people around me they could be great for people all around the world.

Well, now my blog is open and you can follow me in this adventure that I hope you will find great and full of ideas for you, for your kids, for your garden and so much!!

Welcome in my wool valley!
And to give you an idea of my "work" I show you some pictures.
 a little doll mouse.
 a another doll mouse you can find on my etsy shop DREAMLITTLEDOLL

flowers I grow up last year.


4 commentaires:

  1. Hello Miss and welcome to Blogland......these are wonderful, very cute! :) x

    1. Thank You for visiting, It is a Great support!! Welcome in my favorites.. :)

  2. bravo ma chérie je te souhaite encore longtemps le plaisir de créée


  3. Your little mice are so cute! Love the fabric lining on the ears. Wish I could understand French. Your blog might teach me! :-) Your English translations are most appreciated.


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