vendredi 30 mai 2014

Liebster Award ...Me in 11 things.

Ok 2 posts in one day!! It's something!

I have to give you 11 things about me... Ok

Yes, I did it in the wrong way, answer the questions first and things about me after.
But, I have to say that it was easier like that.

And I must confess that I was too excited to answer the questions to Jill...

Well, here we go for things about me:

1) I like to drink tea and herbal tea. Too much in fact.
And I have a big collection of mug.
Every time I go somewhere, I bring back a mug as a souvenir.

2) My favourite writer is Shakespeare as far as I can remember!!

3) My favourite Book is Much ado about nothing!. by Shakespeare (of course).

4)My favourite movie (for the time) is this one:

5) I am scarf collector. I can't tell you how much scarves I have but I wear a scarf every day, every time.

6) I am good with flowers, I have a big garden and at home I have lot of flowers.                                  
My favourite are these:

7) I learned how to paint at school.                                                                                                   
In fact it was my original education at school.    And I always love it.                                                           
It is not my work but my just my hobby...                                                                                      

8) A really good day for me is a day with all my family (my husband and my kids) working or having fun in the garden.
Just the family and our dog, nothing else.
And I do not need to go anywhere but at home to be happy.
And I can't go somewhere without my kids: We are a family.

9)  A good destination for me could be any Scandinavian country. I am not a hot country girl as in Africa or South America! even if I think they have beautiful things to see.
But I like the landscape and the bright houses in theses country.

10) I like to make special gift to my kids and the last one is a Minion for my son.                                         
Want to see a picture ? ok 
I made it by myself (without pattern)

11) I like to cook. And my favourite is fine cook.                                                                                       
I live in a country where I can't find food like I had when I was young so I do it by myself and it is better for health.
Great! and all the family is happy.

That's me.

Here are the blog I nominate:

1) BumbleBri at

Ok, Now I just have one Blog.
But I was thinking!! 
That is ok, because I will nominate every new blog with less than 200 followers every time until I have may list completed.

Here the questions I ask: 
1) What gave you the taste to write a blog?
2) How did you learn to craft?                   
3) What is your favourite writer?                 
    4) What are your favourite accessories?           
5) What is you next craft project?               
                            6) Where do you want to live if you have to quit your country?
                  7)What do you think is the hardest thing about blogging?
                                8) What is your favourite colour to knit or crochet or use to craft?
9) What is your favourite flower?                 
10) What would you do if you were rich?       
          11) How do you find inspiration for you craft work?

So this is how it works: ( but is is hard to follow!!)
1) say 11 things about you 
2) answer 11 questions I asked
3) find 11 new blogs with less than 200 followers.
4) and nominate them and let them know how it works!

Miss, xx

Liebster Award

What a funny day, today!

Yesterday, I received an Email from Jill From Emerald cottage and She put me in the list for the Liebster Award.

 I'm so excited to answer questions and it is a beautiful privilege for me.

So Here we go!!!!

I prepared a cup of tea and I'm ready.

1) What is your favourite craft activity?
I love everything but above all I love knitting.

2) What was the last project you finished?
I always have many projects in the same time. But the last I finished is a cute little hat for girl.
It is a hat for a special winter collection that I jsut started.

3)What would be your ideal crafted gift to received?
A crocheted bag, definitely!!!
I like this one: Beautiful Crocheted bag.

4)What is your favourite season?
Spring of course!!! I live in Canada!! With 6 months with snow and cold.
Spring ! Because life reborn after long Winter months.
The sun warms us just what it takes and this is the time of flowers and garden.
The time kids can play outside all the day.

5)What is you favourite craft related-non-blog website?
I love love love Maire Claire idées Website (in French) and this one ( in English) DIY network
I couldn't just give one!!

6)Which craft activity have you never done but would like to try?
I would like to try Ribbon embroidery. It is so feminine and sweet.
May be one day.....

7)What was the last magazine you bought?
In Fact, I am magazines' addict. So I can just buy one but I have 3 or 4 subscriptions for magazines.
These are the last I received:

8) What was the last book you read?
As I read a lot, my husband gave me an E-reader as a gift. So I have my library with me!!!
Well the last book I read was I say NO by Wilkie Collins. A great english writer.
I love the story that never turn as you think and the time the story happens.
It is the third book I read from this writer.

9) What did you want to be when you were little ?
I wanted to become a hairdresser in the morning and teacher the afternoon.
Finally, I'm not hairdresser and not a teacher but I cut my kids' hair and I teach them every day.
And I love it.
The joy to be a mum at home.
When they go to school I can knit and when they are at home I can be with them.

10)What is your favourite thing about blogging?
I like pictures and see colours and every crafts things people do. And I like to do it too.
I like to take pictures and show what I do and to have people feeback on my craft things.

11) How did you choose the name of you blog ?
So simple!!
When I want to buy wool ( because I am addict to wool) my husband always says " But you already have a wool mountain at home!!" So I decided to name my blog My wool valley ( "valley" instead of
"mountain" for the sweetness a valley makes me think.). It is My own valley of wool and I'm happy with it.
So come to visit my Valley.......of wool.

That's it and That's me.
The questions were great!! Enjoy the pictures and come back to visit as I have things to show you soon.

Thank you  Jill for this boost in the blogland.

Have a great week end. And keep in touch for 11 things about me ... soon

Miss xx

mardi 27 mai 2014

My Week in Pictures / Ma semaine en photo.

1. My garden is growing, and we are making arrangement.

2.My magnolia tree, I Like it so much!

3. The first Magnolia flower opened.

4.A cross stich made this week and an idea to deal with.

5.The US edition  of Mollie makes GREAT!!!

6 and 7. My two little dolls on sale on Etsy.

This is my week stills.

join in the Beetle shack.

Miss xx

vendredi 23 mai 2014

The joy of colours / La joie des couleurs

This week, the colors came into the garden. 
And it is great to enjoy!

Cette semaine, les couleurs sont arrivées dans le jardin.
Et c'est super de pouvoir en profiter!

And about knit, I made my choice of colours.

Et coté tricot, j'ai fait mon choix de couleurs.

Two new dolls.
One makes me think of Fall and the other one makes me think of spring.

Et Voilà!!!
Deux nouvelles poupées.
Une pour l'automne et une pour le printemps.

And I love the choice of wood buttons.

Et j'aime vraiment mon choix de boutons en bois.

Have a great and beautiful week end.

Passez un beau week end.

Miss. xx

samedi 17 mai 2014

Garden / Au Jardin...

Life goes quietly to the garden this year. 
Spring has been slow to install and it was cold longer. 
But there it is, the gardening season has begun and I give myself pleasure.

La vie reprend tout doucement dans le jardin cette année.
Le printemps a été long à s'installer et il a fait froid longtemps.
Mais la saison du jardinage a commencé et je m'en donne à cœur joie.

I transplanted my seedlings started in the greenhouse. 
And I sowed seeds directly into the ground. 
On the menu: peas, beans, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, radishes, potatoes, pumpkins, zucchini, cucumbers, plus herbs, and flowers of course!

J'ai repiqué mes plants démarré en serre. 
Et j'ai semé des graines directement en terre.
Au menu: petits pois, haricots, laitues, carottes, choux, tomates, radis, patates, citrouilles, zucchinis, concombres, sans oublier les fines herbes, et les fleurs bien sur!

In two weeks everything will be more beautiful and green, but in the meantime I installed a few small items to brighten up the backyard.
And children like it very much.

Dans deux semaines tout sera plus beau et plus vert, mais en attendant j'ai installé quelques petits objets pour égayer la cour arrière.
Et les enfants aiment beaucoup ça.

I like very much pansies as they are the first flowers to grow each year.

J'aime beaucoup les pensées car ce sont les premières fleurs qui poussent chaque année.

Birds who put their beautiful colours.

Les oiseaux qui prennent leurs belles couleurs.

And kids who play with sand.

Et les enfants qui jouent dans le sable. 

And as it grows in the garden I'm busy at home.
Et pendant que ça pousse dans le jardin je suis occupée à la maison.

 I made a pot covers and crochet cotton colorful to put on the lid of a pot Masson, pot in preparation for homemade cookies.

J'ai fait un couvre pot au crochet et coton coloré pour mettre sur le couvercle d'un pot Masson, pot de préparation pour biscuits fait maison.

I put some of my garden tulips in a vase to better enjoy.

J'ai mis quelques tulipes de mon jardin dans un vase pour mieux en profiter.

And I made some interesting purchases this week!

Et j'ai fait quelques achats intéressants cette semaine!

Remember how I'm addict buttons! 
Well I found these wooden buttons on Etsy, and I love them a lot!

Vous vous souvenez comme je suis addict des boutons!!!
Eh bien j'ai trouvé ces boutons en bois sur Etsy, et je les aimes beaucoup!!

So I knitted tunics for two small dolls and I added small wooden buttons that I received.
And I have enought to find inspiration!!!

J'ai donc tricoté deux petites tuniques pour les poupées et j'ai ajouté des petits boutons en bois que j'ai reçu.
Et j'ai de quoi trouvé l'inspiration!!!

Oh! I forgot! 
I bought a head in styrofoam for hats that I knit! 
And to take pictures that will be easier.

Oh! et j'oubliais !!!
je me suis acheté une tête en polystyrène pour les bonnets que je tricote!!
Et pour prendre des photos ce sera plus facile. 

It remains for me to do other hats and ornaments like flowers and especially dolls to put in small tunics!

This is a very busy weekend!

Il me reste à faire d'autres chapeaux et des ornements comme des fleurs et surtout les poupées pour mettre dans les petites tuniques!!!

Voilà un week end bien chargé!!

                                   Miss xx

mercredi 7 mai 2014

And time flies / Et le temps passe.

We are already in May, it's amazing how time flies.
We knit, do some gardening, we cook, we spend time with the children.
And about cooking, you must have fun.
And this cake is a real pleasure.
You have to try it.
It is easy to cook.
It is nourishing.
And so delicious.

Nous sommes déjà en Mai et c'est incroyable comme le temps passe vite.
On tricote, on jardin, on cuisine, on passe du temps avec les enfants.
Et à propos de cuisiner, il faut se faire plaisir.
Et ce cake est un réel plaisir.
Il faut l'essayer.
Il est facile à faire.
Il est nourrissant.
Et tellement délicieux.

For those who want to try it, here is the recipe:

Put raisin and dried cranberries in a bowl with 2 spoons of  rhum (or a similar alcool) and let them for few minutes.
In  another bowl, mix 125 g white sugar with 125 g unsalted butter. It will give you white cream.
Add 3 eggs and mix it.
Add 200 g flour and 2 tea spoons baking soda.
Mix it.
and add your raisin, cranberries, and add nuts and hazelnuts.
Mix it and put it in a cake mold.
Spread it with slices almonds.
Bake at 160 °C for 30 to 45 min.

Pour celles qui veulent l'essayer, voici la recette:

Mettre des raisins secs et des canneberges séchées dans un bol avec 2 cuillères de rhum.
Laissez les reposer pour quelques minutes.
Dans un autre bol, mélangez 125 g de sucre blanc avec 125 g de beurre non salé.
cela donne une crème blanche.
Ajoutez 3 oeufs et mélangez.
Ajoutez 200 g de farine et 2 cuillères à café de levure chimique.
bien mélanger.
Puis ajoutez les raisins secs, les canneberges séchées, des noix de Grenoble et des noisettes.
Mélangez et versez la pâte dans un moule à cake.
Cuire au four à 160°C pendant 30 à 45 minutes.
Bonne appétit!

And as I promise, I show you one of my projects completed.
A small garland of flowers for the room of my little princess.

Et comme promis je vous montre un de mes projets terminé.
Une petite guirlande de fleurs pour la chambre de ma princesse.

She was so happy to have it.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Passez une belle fin de semaine.

Miss. xx