lundi 31 mars 2014


After the snow storm we had this week end, I was wandering what to do to make the day sunny!
This year the sun was very far from us here and the snow erased every colour.
SO! I took pictures of things that give me a sunny day.

A selection of coupons. Fabrics that I bought in a market in the town. These are mean for clothes to little dolls I knit.
It 's always a pleasure to make choice when I buy fabric. I love textures, I love colours, I love designs.
and often I choose too much fabric. But i have to say that I have a wonderful mum who is better than me to find fabric and she often sends me coupons to help me to create things.

 WOOL!! WOOL!! and WOOL!!
I have to say that I am a wool addict but I am not the only one!!
always new colour and always different textures.
I put these colours in the basket ( which has history) to give me an idea of how to mix colours for a new doll.
The story of the basket is that I bought it to make a present to my daughter 's professor.
She is so nice that I prepare something for her and I will give her the package at the end of the year.
I bought some white crockery and I paint it with my favorite flower: Pansy!
It is funny because for every flower I say " it is my favorite ". But you will see that this flower comes back again and again in my work, paint or garden.
Well, this is what I made.

 I think it will be a great basket with a kind of "petit déjeuner".
 This doll is the first of a serie and it makes me think of a british garden so that is why I took a picture of her with an English tea cup a good friend of mine offered me.

 These colours are very inspiring.
And this doll is the new born !! I just have to finish some details and she will be on sale soon.
She is english style too! flowers, lace, etc.. every thing that I like.

Well it is lot things that can make my day more beautiful.
Craft can make your day great and amusing!

have a good day.


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