vendredi 4 avril 2014

Busy Week

I had a busy busy week!!
events happened so fast... with family, school, work.

But I found time to knit and sew during evening, just to relax.

Do you remember the different fabric coupons I had.

It becomes:
ET Voilà..... Skirts. The pink serie...
 The Green serie....
 Skirts that will help me to chose my colours of wool to knit dolls...
I like to begin with fabric first to conceive a doll.
It is easier to find wool with desired colours to match with your fabric! than fabric that match with your wool.
Whatever, I have so much wool, that I always find something.

If you are mad about TEA like me, you are mad about accesories to prepare Tea.
and of course you are crazy about Tea cozy.
you can find patterns on the web, but what a real satisfaction when you conceive yours.
I made this one with coton I found in France. It's medium cotton and it is soft. But it keeps warm enough
and I made it with  bright colours to change of the snow!!!
As I said last time, we have a very long winter this year in Canada and it helps to have colours around you to give you joy and vitamins to your eyes!

 I found how to make flowers for my Tea cozy in this book I like very much. I made my arrangement by myself. And this is the result.
So much choices of flowers and if you change colours of flowers, it gives you more choices! What a great book...

 Oh, and this doll (last born) is finished.
What do you think???

 I tried to make an infinity scarf with flower to remind the skirt.
But it was just a try!

hope you will have a great week end.

enjoy. x


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