jeudi 10 avril 2014

A Beautiful day.

Today was a beautiful day! Spring is going to be here for real!
The birds sang early in the morning and the sun was shiny.
And I had a beautiful afternoon just knitting and crocheting and sewing...

Are you buttons addict?
So am I...
And I think if there is a big variety of something in the world, it is Buttons!!!!
I bought bags of buttons and some are very special!

                              Those as above!!

                                          I selected my favorite colours and make my choice.

And it inspired me to make these little baby shoes!!
I said last time I was preparing something special for baby.
And as I 'm going to be aunt for the second time, I had a pleasure to knit something.
And ... the baby is a GIRL!!!
great !! I love to make things for girl (I think it is easier than for a boy )
But anyway, I have a nephew and I 'm in love with him!!
But he is not a baby anymore!!
And boys don't like accessories as much as girls.

Well, I made these little baby shoes for spring and summer with cotton and I sew kind of modern brodery!!
And I think it will be wonderful with these clothes.

                                           So I chose my buttons and I found these !!!
                                                                Inspiring NO!!!

 And I was thinking to make baby shoes for those who can't knit and those who are having a baby soon.
                                   So I knit the pink baby shoes , I selected buttons to go in them.

                                                             I crocheted flowers too!
                                                            And of course, I had a tea!!
                                          Amd at the end of the afternoon, this is the Result!!!!

It will be on sale soon!!
And I going to make more with different looks..

I hope you enjoyed your day,

Miss. xxx 

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  1. très joli tes chaussons que de jolies choses tu va faire avec la laine que tu va recevoir

    bravo ma LU


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