lundi 7 avril 2014

A little sweetness!

A bit of sweetness today by the choice of my colours!

First, the doll I made this week end.
I wanted a sweet doll with pink just for girls, and I was in love with the fabric, the dots!! I love dot!
And I was happy because I had exactly the same colours of the fabric in my wool.
And the result is:

I want the same panty hose!!!!!!!
The pink and the light brown are well together.

                                              The blanket I am crocheted for our guest room.
                                                The room is paint with a very pastel purple.
                                       And I wanted a blanket with colours that show up the purple.
                                                     I had this super saver wool that match!
                                                    And I made flowers for more sweetness.

                                          The begining!!! I look forward to see all the blanket.
I found the pattern in a beautiful book!

                                                 You know I love book too much I think...
                      But you can find so much things in there to help you to create or just give you the basics.
                                     Well, I felt in love with this book because of sweetness!!
                                               And this wonderful blanket!
                                         So I decided to make it for our guest room.

I am preparing another thing with sweetness in there!! just for babies!
What do you have more sweet than a baby???
So as I am becoming aunt for the second time, I am making a collection for babies.
I look forward to show you next post.

enjoy xx

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  1. What a pretty little lady! I love your sweet mice, all the tiny clothes are so cute! Thank you for visiting my blog! Chrissie x


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