jeudi 17 avril 2014

For the love of Polka Dots...

Despite this week's snow, Yet!!!
It feels like spring.
We had a wonderful blue sky.

And it gave me the urge of cake fruits.
Try it!!
When your cake is cooked and still hot, spread sour cream on top and it will melt and give your cake a soft touch.

Seeds grow well and waiting for the real spring!!!!

My cover also grows........slowly!!
one or two squares a day so... it is long.

And the best part of this post :

a collection of polka dots.
I'm in love with polka dots, it is so Chic and Classic!!
Don't you think??
Well, you can find so much variety of polka dots.
This is my variety, and I share it with you.
But the idea is that I'm making a doll with red and white and I was thinking of making a pull over with polka dots. and I just search for inspiration to do it.

First, My favorite dress, I like it !!!!! found on the web.

The best english touch: Cath Kidston Raincoat!!!
My husband offered me this coat last year for anniversary wedding and I love it.
The truth is : everything Cath Kidston is WONDERFUL.
I also have 2 bags from England Cath Kidston  (show you another day!!)
It's too bad there is no shop Cath Kidston in my Area (Canada)
But Thank you the Web!!

A Small pocket received as a gift.

A needle pocket that I made last year, can you see the dots!!

A chic polka dots scarf for spring and summer.

A simple bag to store wool or knit work.

                                                  And this luxurious scarf, a holiday souvenir.

Now you want to know how to make dots.
simple, very simple.
Just draw a dot and knit it.
see the example:

Also you can make a list of colours that match together for a result to your taste.

Hope it will help you.

Hi to the polka dots lovers!!!!

Miss xx

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  1. I love all the polka dots ..... so pretty!
    your cover is going to be amazing.
    Happy Easter!
    love Jooles x x x


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