vendredi 30 mai 2014

Liebster Award ...Me in 11 things.

Ok 2 posts in one day!! It's something!

I have to give you 11 things about me... Ok

Yes, I did it in the wrong way, answer the questions first and things about me after.
But, I have to say that it was easier like that.

And I must confess that I was too excited to answer the questions to Jill...

Well, here we go for things about me:

1) I like to drink tea and herbal tea. Too much in fact.
And I have a big collection of mug.
Every time I go somewhere, I bring back a mug as a souvenir.

2) My favourite writer is Shakespeare as far as I can remember!!

3) My favourite Book is Much ado about nothing!. by Shakespeare (of course).

4)My favourite movie (for the time) is this one:

5) I am scarf collector. I can't tell you how much scarves I have but I wear a scarf every day, every time.

6) I am good with flowers, I have a big garden and at home I have lot of flowers.                                  
My favourite are these:

7) I learned how to paint at school.                                                                                                   
In fact it was my original education at school.    And I always love it.                                                           
It is not my work but my just my hobby...                                                                                      

8) A really good day for me is a day with all my family (my husband and my kids) working or having fun in the garden.
Just the family and our dog, nothing else.
And I do not need to go anywhere but at home to be happy.
And I can't go somewhere without my kids: We are a family.

9)  A good destination for me could be any Scandinavian country. I am not a hot country girl as in Africa or South America! even if I think they have beautiful things to see.
But I like the landscape and the bright houses in theses country.

10) I like to make special gift to my kids and the last one is a Minion for my son.                                         
Want to see a picture ? ok 
I made it by myself (without pattern)

11) I like to cook. And my favourite is fine cook.                                                                                       
I live in a country where I can't find food like I had when I was young so I do it by myself and it is better for health.
Great! and all the family is happy.

That's me.

Here are the blog I nominate:

1) BumbleBri at

Ok, Now I just have one Blog.
But I was thinking!! 
That is ok, because I will nominate every new blog with less than 200 followers every time until I have may list completed.

Here the questions I ask: 
1) What gave you the taste to write a blog?
2) How did you learn to craft?                   
3) What is your favourite writer?                 
    4) What are your favourite accessories?           
5) What is you next craft project?               
                            6) Where do you want to live if you have to quit your country?
                  7)What do you think is the hardest thing about blogging?
                                8) What is your favourite colour to knit or crochet or use to craft?
9) What is your favourite flower?                 
10) What would you do if you were rich?       
          11) How do you find inspiration for you craft work?

So this is how it works: ( but is is hard to follow!!)
1) say 11 things about you 
2) answer 11 questions I asked
3) find 11 new blogs with less than 200 followers.
4) and nominate them and let them know how it works!

Miss, xx

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  1. OH WOW!!!!! THANK YOU!!! Hahahahaaa! This is SUCH a surprise! A wonderful surprise. I guess I have something to do this weekend! Thank you :-)

  2. Bonne Soirée Miss! Merci milles fois! Je suis si contente que tu as trouvé mon petit blog. Ce weekend je vais lire ton blog pour découvrir plus. Merci bien pour tes douces commentaires; tu peux écrire en Français si tu veux parce-que c'est un peu de practique pour moi!


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